To Tubliss or Not to Tubliss? : A Quick Review

“To Tubliss or not to Tubliss?, that is the question I get asked several times a week. Followed by “Do you use them yourself?”. The simple answer is yes, I’ve been using, selling and installing these for several years and believe they are one of the best options for everyday recreational riding.  

Tubliss tire systems by Nuetech have gained significant traction among offroad and enduro riders in recent years. While not all who have experimented with Tubliss have continued using them, the majority of users we’ve set up have remained believers and have continued using them in multiple tires.
Tubliss tire insert being installed

Let’s break down some of the pros, cons, and misconceptions.



The name when spoken implies this system is “tubeless” and some think it’s like a mountain bike tubless tire system. While the conversion has a similar outcome these are not actually tubeless. This set up uses a high pressure bladder cased in a protective chamber that gets inflated to 100 psi to apply pressure to the tire bead locking it in place and sealing off the spokes. This leaves an air chamber for your low tire pressure to be inflated to whatever psi you choose is best for your terrain. It’s really a great alternative to running a tube if you’re concerned about pinch flats.


My favorite feature with running these is that depending on the day and place I’m riding I can adjust tire pressure for optimal traction. So if you’re running an intermediate tire on a slippery rocky ride, just air down to a few psi and bam you got traction.
Another cool thing about running these is if you do puncture a tire on something sharp like a rock you can hop off your bike, throw in a trail side tire plug, air the tire back up using your high volume hand pump and you’re back rolling in a jiffy. No need to dismount your tire and bust your knuckles trailside.
I’ve personally ran a rear tire completely flat the last 30 miles of a desert race. The system did exactly what they’re built for. It kept my tire locked in place, protected my rim and allowed me to complete my ride! 


A couple I think are worth mentioning. 
If the high pressure bladder, which is the weakest point of this system, decides it’s had enough stress, can pop and leave you stranded on the trail if you’re not prepared for such a repair. So don’t get caught without a game plan because while I personally have not experienced this, we have seen it happen to a handful of customers through the years.
It seems the biggest complaint with these are from people who can’t seem to get them to hold air. An easy fix for this, which is now standard practice for us while mounting these, is to add a couple hundred cc’s of Maxima tire sealant to the outer chamber. This helps seal off any small passages around the system that may let air escape, and a bonus is that it helps a tire plug seal even better if you have to install one. 
These are just a few points we think are the most noteable to the Nuetech Tubliss Tire System. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding these. We’re happy to offer our advice and answer any questions you may have.
Ride high or ride low, just keep riding!

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