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About our tire hero-->

Nick has the passion for that new tire smell!

A man with many nicknames, and an uncanny ability to go WILD ON WHEELS and tires all day long!   He occasionally busts out a knuckle or two in the process...  And he sports the scars to prove it!

Nick will make sure you get your tires set up correctly and on schedule.

Whether it's traditional tubes, the innovative Tubliss System, or the rugged Mr. Wolf Tire Balls, he tackles them all with unwavering enthusiasm! Yes, you can trust "The Cobbler!"

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More than 18 years of experience 

The MotoShop knows off-road motorcycle wheels and tires inside and out.  Bring in your wheels off the dirtbike or adventure bike and get fast, efficient, and inexpensive service.  See why The Central Oregon Motorcycle Community is all tuned into the best deals around, right here in Bend.   What you see is what you get-->  Professionals kicking tire and wheel ass!

Popular Tires Are Always in Stock!

Whether your ride takes you out adventuring the BDR, dualsporting new terrain, shredding some singletrack gnar or ripping up some moto ruts we always have the tires you need in stock! Some of our most popular and requested tires are the Motoz Adventure Tire line, the Golden Fatty and GT333 singletrack knobbies, the trusted and proven Dunlop 606 dualsport combo, or the fresh mix of a front Michelin Starcross 6 and rear Dunlop MX34 moto tire. We have so many in stock, don't worry, we'll get you re-shoed and back riding your steel horse.

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The Latest in Tire System Technology

Nuetech Tubliss

With the benefit of no pinch flats and the adjustability of air pressure these are a great option for anyone looking to ride different terrains all year long!

Nitro Mousse

Tried and true, the choice of racers from Baja to Timbuktu, you can rest assured no flat tire will keep you from finishing your ride!

Mr. Wolf Mousse Balls

Another no tube option with a customizable tire pressure feel for those wanting the reliability of a mousse and the adjustability for different riding conditions!


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Wheel packages from various vendors can also include a specific size of sprocket and both discs including all the hardware.  We can order almost any combo of different rims and colors and sizes!  Special orders are our specialty!

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“The guys changed my tire in the time it took me to go get a burger and a beer.  Thanks fellas!  I’ll be back next season…”

– Joel/Yelp