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Levi the Fixer

Our comprehensive engine services include:

●  Diagnostics

● Complete Engine Overhaul

● Routine Maintenance and “Tune-ups”

● Custom Sandwich Artistry

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Accessory Installation: Handguards to brake guards, we can install any of your upgraded accessories.

  • General maintenance:  We perform motorcycle inspections, regular oil changes, tire and brake services, chain and sprocket lubrication and adjustments, bearing replacement, and much more to help ensure your bike operates smoothly and safely
  • Tune-ups: We conduct thorough diagnostics and tune-ups to optimize your engine’s performance. 
  • Carburetor cleaning: We expertly clean carburetors to ensure proper fuel mixture and engine performance.

  • Valve checks: We check and adjust valve clearances to maintain optimal engine performance.

  • Engine rebuilds: We offer comprehensive engine rebuilds to restore your bike’s power and performance.

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