New Year Day Bonanza 2024

BBQ’s, Bonfire’s and Braapin’

The kick off to 2024, Motoshop Bbq Bonfire Braapin’ Bonanza was an awesome way to start the year!

We had a great time meeting new riders to the area and hanging with friends.

New Year,  New Bike

The start of the day was bright and sunny. Picture perfect conditions in January! Nick’s Yamaha is sweet, and ready to get a little beat up on some rocky trails.

Squirting Dirt and Flipping Burgers

The grill got fired up with Levi at the helm. Wow! Not only is he good with a wrench but his spatula skills are on fire!

Primed for 2024! Thanks Everyone

The fog rolled in reminding us that it’s supposed to be winter in Central Oregon. Glad we had some grub and plenty of fire. BIG thanks to everyone who enjoyed the trails with us! Be sure to follow our social media for future ride info drops!

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