Transforming the 2023 KTM 500 EXC: A Snapshot of Dualsport Perfection

In a Snap!

The 2023 KTM 500 EXC is a beast in the dual-sport market, and with its impressive power and adaptability, it’s a favorite among off road enthusiasts. Whether you’re ripping through technical trails or cruising open expanses, the 500 EXC is up for the challenge. But if you’re looking to take your machine to the next level, there are a number of aftermarket upgrades that can transform it into a trail blazing machine.

We’ve put together an outline of the key upgrades we did on this build that can also make your 500 EXC even more badass.


1. Protective Gear by Bullet Proof Designs

  • Rear Brake Caliper Guard: Shields the brake caliper from rocks and debris.
  • Rear Disc Guard: Essential for protecting the brake disc in rough terrain.

2. Acerbis Additions

  • Swingarm Protectors (Black): Stylish and durable protection for the swingarm.
  • 3.9 Gallon Gas Tank (Black): Expands fuel capacity for longer rides.

3. Performance Enhancements

  • GET ECU: Customizes engine settings for optimal performance.
  • Double Take Trail Mirror: Lightweight and durable rearview mirror.
  • Cycra CRM Handguards: Easy fit and protects hands and levers from impacts.
  • Scotts Sub Mount Steering Stabilizer: Improves handling and reduces rider fatigue.
  • Renthal Fatbar Handlebar (KTM Low): Offers better control and comfort.

4. Tires and Levers

  • Goldentyre GT333 (Rear 120/100-18) and Fatty (Front 90/100-21): DOT rated knobby tires with superior grip and durability.
  • Nuetech Nitro Mousse: Prevents flat tires in harsh conditions allowing for worry free riding (not DOT rated).
  • Bullet Proof Designs Levers: Enhanced durability, adjustability and control.

5. Clutch and Exhaust System

  • Rekluse CX 4.0 Clutch: Smoother and more responsive clutch control offering more efficient power delivery.
  • Graves Exhaust: Power, performance, fit and finish 
  • Blais Block Off Kit: Enhances engine efficiency.

6. Aesthetic Upgrades

  • Complete White Plastic Kit with Custom Motoshop Graphics: Personalizes the bike’s appearance.
  • Acerbis VSL LED Headlight: Improves visibility for night riding.

7. Navigation and Stability

  • Trail Tech Voyager Pro GPS (MotoMinded Stout Mount): Reliable navigation tool.
  • Pro Moto Billet Kickstand: A sturdy upgrade to the fragile oem stand.

8. Comfort and Utility

  • Motion Factory Racing KGH Footpegs: Ensures grip and comfort, the only peg of it’s kind.
  • P3 Carbon Fiber Skid Plate: Protects the underbelly of the bike.
  • Seat Concepts Comfort XL Seat: Enhances rider comfort on long rides.
  • Giant Loop Fender Bag: For carrying essentials.
  • O2 Sensor Plug and No Resistance Throttle Tube: Refines throttle response.


Upgrading your 2023 KTM 500 EXC with these aftermarket parts not only enhances its performance and durability but also tailors it to your unique offroad riding style. Each component brings you closer to owning a bike that’s not just a machine, but a reflection of your passion for adventures.

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