No question is dumb.  Take a gander at this list of the most common questions that we are asked day to day.  Be sure to let us know if these were helpful to you. If you didn’t find the answers that you are looking for drop us a line with any questions that would be useful to include.  Thanks!

Frequently Asked Questions @ The MotoShop

Please call ahead, while we do our best to accomodate customers conveniences we don’t always have the room to store motorcycles that aren’t being worked on.

Other than holidays that fall on Monday of which we are closed anyway, we only close for the July 4th, Christmas, and New Year holidays.

We do our best to accomodate quick tire change needs but during the busy season we get overwhelmed with many tires achanges a day. Our tire turn around will be dependent on time of year and whether the wheel is already off the bike or if you plan to bring the bike in for complete removal. Please call ahead if you are needing to have it back in a specific timeframe.

We can certainly help you with a valve check along with many other tune and service needs.

Yes absolutley, we carry a great selection of off road, dual sport and mx chains and sprockets in stock and can get them installed for you.

While we don’t have a shadowing program for you to watch while we service your bike, we are happy to answer general questions to help start you on a process, if time allows.

You are lucky to live in such a moto-centric area that has several great options for motorcycle services. We pride ourselves in being one of your top shops for customer service and turn around. Give us a shot and we’re sure you’ll become a long term customer.

We ask that you pick up your bike in a timely manner after services are complete. Sorry we don’t have much spare room to store your moto.

Well we think the logo rocks so people like to roll around with it!

Let us know what you found. Unless it’s some sort of special closeout we are most likely already competively priced.

Oh yeah we typically keep VP Race fuel in stock. 5 Gallon cans of T4, T2 and C12

Yes for sure we will do that and give your bike a quick inspection!

Yes let’s do it! Call ahead first though.

Be glad to try if the place you purchased it isn’t giving you the service you deserve.

While our in stock brands sometimes change we typically carry Fasthouse, Troy Lee Designs, Thor, and Fly Racing 

So many to list but some of the popular ones are Fasthouse, Troy Lee Designs, Thor, Fly Racing, Alpinestars and Moose Racing.

Well we like to change tires and we cannot lie, no we can’t deny, when a flat tire walks in we get an itty bitty grin and slap that new tube in.

Right here right now. High fives and stickers are always free! Hat’s Tee’s and Hood’s are pretty cheap.

Stop in and let us know what you have going  on. While we can’t donate heavily to everything we get asked for we try to help our moto community as much as we can.

Oh yes in any amount you need!

Well we don’t take Costco or Library cards but pretty much all the major credits and cash…

We are a smaller shop and aren’t always hiring but feel free to stop in with a cover letter and resume please.

We opened in May of 2006 so it seems like a lifetime ago.

It seems we have a pretty constant flow. Lunch hour is always pretty busy. Tuesday, Friday and Saturday are the busiest days.

We don’t service every make and model. Probably be best to call about what you are needing.

While we pretty much can do tires on anything, no we don’t service these brands

No, we don’t have the equipment for that type of performance upgrade. We can offer you aftermarket ECU’s from brands like Vortex and GET.

Yes we’ve been helping with gear and outfits since day numero uno!

Then we’ll make sure we find you something that does.

You won’t need to complain, but if you have a concern just call and talk to Brandon. He’ll make sure you’re satisfied with oogles of satisfaction.

Oh man the Google works great for that! Or Yelp, or Facebook or just tell your mom how great we are.

Fly the sticker, then high five, low five or foot five anyone else you see flying the sticker

We don’t really rent out tools but if you need something let us know maybe we can help with it.

We focus on offroad, dualsport and adventure parts, apparel and services…

Anyone needing motorcycle advice, parts, apparel and services!

No we do not. Around the Central Oregon area try contacting Ride Adventures. They may have a motorcycle for you. There is also a couple SXS rental and guiding services in town.

Yes please contact us before bringing your motorcycle in

Unused item is 30 days.  No returns on electronics or electrical parts.

Free shipping over $100 in the lower 48 states. With some exceptions for oversize and heavy weight.

Yes of course we’d be glad to help you source anything you need if we can get it we will!