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The Cobbler
Our resident tire master. He was born a moto head and never misses a chance to go rip some fresh Central Oregon dirt. He has a particular fondness for repairing flat tires and tackles them with unwavering enthusiasm!


The Fixer
Our lead moto tech. He has a lifetime of experience riding and repairing motorcycles. His can-do attitude and thorough mindset ensure your motorcycle receives the best care possible so you can keep your throttle twisted with confidence! 


The Cadillac
Our suspension specialist. A rider himself with years of custom suspension tuning experience. He can make your moto perform in even the harshest of conditions, improving your moto one shim at a time!


The Facilitator
Our expert high fiver. No one’s really sure what he does but normally you’ll find him holding down the front counter, laughing at his own jokes and making sure you’re having a good time!  He claims that’s a pretty important task so we’ll just go with it.


The Accountant
Our force of daily operations. She makes sure things are in place and ready to meet every rider’s needs. Her love of motorcycles dates back to her early days ripping around the hills of Central Idaho and she’s been thrilled to witness the growing interest in women’s offroad motorcycling over the years.

High goals

Expert Knowledge and Advice: The MotoShop aims to be a hub of expertise where customers can get reliable, professional advice. This could involve guidance on choosing the right parts for specific bike models, tips for maintenance and repairs, or insights into the latest trends and technologies in dirtbike riding.

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    Our Promise:

    We promise to be your trusted partner in your dirtbike journey. Whether you’re maintaining, upgrading, or just starting out, we’re here to provide you with the best products, advice, and support. Your passion for riding is our passion, and we’re dedicated to keeping that spirit alive.

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