Are You Down With The 6D?: Helmet Review

6D helmet display

6D Helmets: Safest on the Market?


Who’s down with 6D? Yeah you know me!

Straight to the point…in our most humble of opinions this is arguably the safest helmet we have available on the market today. Its Advanced ODS system is designed to absorb and dissipate impact energy, keeping your brain safe even in the most serious crashes.
If that doesn’t make you want to put one of these 6D ATR-2 helmets on your head, maybe this will…


It’s okay to buy a $10,000 motorcycle and grab the cheapest helmet on the shelf. “I’m not racing I don’t need anything high end”. Ha! While this may seem crazy to you, this is a mentality we see quite often. Let me explain why having a good helmet on your egg is probably the most important moto decision you will make. At some point when you least expect it YOU WILL CRASH AND YOUR HEAD WILL FIND ITSELF IN A SMACK DOWN MATCH WITH THE UNDISPUTED HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD, THE GROUND! 


This helmet is light, It’s a pretty round fitting helmet and seems to be comfortable with a majority of heads. After a crash the helmet can be sent in for a complete inspection and rebuild after most impacts, and if you were paying attention earlier you will know that we think the ODS technology it holds is the best offered.


Well nothing can be perfect in every way. A couple notable issues we’ve seen is that the chin strap sets back further than other helmets which is normally just an annoyance that you get used to after a bit but if you have a large neck it might feel like it’s got you in a choke hold and not work well for you. On the subject of the chin strap the snap that holds the slack of the strap up out of the way has been known to break which is a pretty easy fix but annoying. They should consider a magnet hold similar to the Bell Moto 10 which happens to come in at a strong second place on our list of the top helmet podium picks. And one last thing to touch on because we hear it often, the shell is larger than most. But that only matters if you’re more concerned about your Instagram picture than your safety. I mean it doesn’t feel bigger while you’re twisting throttle.
That about sums it up. If you have any questions just give us a holler and we’d be glad to give you more info on the matter.
Go squirt some dirt!

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