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Welcome to one of the best collections of aftermarket parts ANYWHERE!  Check out our stock of literally thousands of top-notch dirtbike and adventure bike parts, tires, and accessories. The MotoShop is here to keep you on your bike in both function and style.

Our specialty is helping you decide which part is best for your needs.  Sometimes all the options for parts and accessories can seem overwhelming.  We’ll help you make the right decision so you will be more confident on your ride.

We for sure know what products actually work as intended.  The MotoShop will help keep your moto parts selection clear and simple. If the part you want is not in stock, special orders are quick and easy.

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Always a great experience every time we go into the shop. Very knowledgeable staff, friendly and they have the goods in stock. Thanks for all the help through the years!

Slater Fletcher / Google

Needed new tires for my KLR. Was helped by the owner. Gave me a couple options. I didn’t ask the brand or price. Trusted him. He knows his stuff. 

John National / Google

MotoShop has stuff you’d never find elsewhere in stock. Helpful staff who know what they’re doing.

JT / Google

Total Number of High-Fives    18,623

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The MotoShop is a ‘lil crazy about tires

Nobody does tires better!

HUGE SELECTION of all kinds and sizes of knobbies, dual-sport tires, paddles, and adventure bike tires.  

Tubliss & Mousse Specialists  Professional installation of flat tire solutions.

Crazy cheap mounting prices  A burger and brew at a local brewery usually costs more.  Bring in your wheels and leave them overnight for a fast turnaround.  

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Best bike shop in Bend. Good mechanics. Good stock of supplies. Excellent competitive pricing.

Tom / Google

Every time I have shopped there the employees show a passion for the sport and a willingness to do what is needed to help..

Patrick / Google

I will definitely continue to use this shop for any of my bike needs. Super friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Alex / Google

As a new rider i am pretty clueless, but these guys have taken good care of me!

Grayson / Google

Awesome people and great service! Helped me get everything fit and even some new graphics.

Cannon / Google

Awesome shop!! Brandon is very nice and always helpful!

Noah / Google

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