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7 Years of MASTER LEVEL suspension experience.

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 Marshall and The MotoShop provides personalized consultations.  It’s ALL about you!

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Marshall understands suspension. Specializing in WP he was Lead Tech at Kreft Moto.

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Marshall is a seasoned professional, your off-road motorcycle is in the hands of a MASTER. He understands the intricacies of suspension systems and is fully committed to delivering unmatched performance using high quality parts, a second-to-none knowledge base, and attention to detail.


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Custom tunes last year


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All the best suspension solutions and parts!

If it’s a basic service, the components are broken down, and cleaned.  Marshall will replace necessary wear parts and put everything back together with fresh fluids and greases. If it’s a custom tune, he will get your relevant information, such as weight, riding style, where you ride, what you ride, your ability level, and consider other issues and concerns you have. He will then run through calculations to determine the appropriate set-up. He looks forward to working closely with each rider!  After he gets you all dialed in he will show and explain how to adjust your bike for all the different riding conditions you will meet.  You will also receive a custom clicker adjustment sheet that will become your powerful guide to clicker and all the other suspension settings for both the motocross track and gnarly trails.  

We can help you fly high and land safely…

Marshall’s service doesn’t end at installation. He always offer comprehensive aftercare, advice on maintenance and upkeep, and is always available for any follow-up adjustments or questions.

He wants to keep your preload dialed when you switch tires.  A couple millimeters can make a big difference when it comes to roosting your friends!

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Lets build your dream machine together!

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Finding new solutions

Marshall has seen it all.  Don’t feel bad that you never greased your linkage.  There won’t be a next time with his help!

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No matter your riding terrain we can make it smooth.  Marshall knows the tricks of the trade!

Anything is possible

Change the pre-load in your titanium Rokkon seat springs!  Marshall can get you riding as swiftly and safely as possible!

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Any questions? Yo Marshall!

With spring fast approaching, beat the rush and get your suspension serviced.  We use the best tools, parts, and fluids and greases.  You are welcome to send in your suspension if you live out of the area.  We suggest shipping with UPS or FedEx and use a good gun case with an AirTag for good measure.

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